Discipline with Love, Parent Academy

Did you know that the programming of a child for the rest of his life starts from before the pregnancy? Did you know that the programming we receive as children is the one that acts the rest of our lives? Being a parent is a great job and no one trained us for this, that’s why it’s important to be learning and educating ourselves in the art of being parents so we can help our children to be happy.

Results of the application:

This training has helped thousands of families to form happy children with a program of champions, from Dads who did not talk with their children to make them their best friends.

What you will learn:

  1. Tools for setting rules at home.
  2. Tools to reward the correct actions.
  3. Tools to suppress wrong actions.
  4. Tools to feed your children.
  5. Tools to establish the family honor code.
  6. Tools to detect the intelligence and type of learning.


  1. The programming of intension, pregnancy and the first 6 hours of labor.
  2. Programming the first 8 years of life.
  3. Vocabulary allowed.
  4. The deal of King, Prince and Friend.
  5. Application of rules.
  6. Consequences and Prizes to behaviors.
  7. I love you but not your behavior.
  8. Stages of human change.
  9. The importance of forgiveness.
  10. Different intelligences and types of learning.



1 day, 8 am to 9 pm.

Price per Person:

 $200 USD